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Wildlife Services

When dealing with a wild animal, you may not run into the exact same scenario twice. Sometimes, strategically letting the animal leave your residence and having the entrance blocked off is enough. Other times, removal is the only option. After the animal has been taken care of, we offer a wide range of repairs not only to restore your property but to keep more animals from returning.

About Us

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we face critters every day (and night) and know how important it is for you to know someone will be there to help when you need it. Our mission is to educate and reduce the negative conflict between wildlife and humans. Whether that means changing environmental conditions or through our exclusion work, our goal is to do what is best for the property owner and the animal. Sometimes though, removal is the only option. At that time, we use the most humane methods possible and take the necessary steps to ensure the problem doesn’t return.
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Ridge Guard Pro

RIDGE-GUARD® is the ultimate ridge vent protection and is patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Installing RIDGE-GUARD® on your roof ridge vent locks the vent down securely, which will prevent bats from crawling under the plastic or fiber roof ridge vent, as well as keep squirrels, mice, or rats from chewing their way into the attic.
All of our technicians are Ridge Guard Pro Certified!

What Our Customers Say

Jim and Larry were very professional and informative. Got the job done and will contact them again if needed.

– Carol D

Jim trapped both a skunk and a groundhog that were sharing a burrow under our front porch and offered advice on how to seal the burrow. He is good to work with, very knowledgeable and responsive.

– Dave

Advanced Wildlife Control was very informative and professional when we needed to remove a nuisance animal from the property. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Jim!

– Lisa B

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