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Wildlife Exclusion

If wildlife makes its way into your home, it can be scary. When you hear scratches coming from the walls and attic, it can make for sleepless nights and stressful days. Your imagination may run wild with thoughts of raccoons, squirrels, and other rodents, damaging property, breeding, and spreading disease. Mice, rats, and squirrels account for nearly 80% of animal intrusions.

Advanced Wildlife Control is the top choice for animal removal in Sullivan and the surrounding areas. The job doesn’t end when the critters are gone, though. Chemical markers or pheromones can remain once the pest is removed, signaling others to come, and without sealing up the entry points, there is a good chance they may. Some species of birds tend to return to the place they were born to breed, practicing what is known as natal philopatry. The online magazine, Pest Control Technology, writes that this occurrence can also happen with squirrels.

It’s safe to say that most of us do not live in a bubble, and our homes were not built to be airtight. Smaller animals like mice, bats, rats, and some birds need barely an opening to make their way in, many of which are not seen by the untrained eye. Once we remove the animal, we’ll inspect the property for possible ways they’ve gotten in. Some of the larger openings like chimneys and roof vents act as an open invitation for many species and are structural necessities. The damage caused once an animal is inside can become quite costly. Chuck Roydhouse, the president of the Chimney Safety Institute of America, explains that homeowners open themselves up for exposure to pathogens hosted by fleas and ticks histoplasmosis from bird feces.

Roof vents serve a vital function in regulating airflow and moisture levels but are favorites of roof rats and bats. Heavy gauge metal mesh covers can keep the critters out without restricting the airflow. Squirrels look for openings in rotted fascia board or where roof shingles are coming away. With incredibly sharp teeth and a powerful bite, they can easily take advantage of structural weaknesses and chew through wood. We can remove this issue with a properly fitted chimney cap.

Penetration from above is far from the only way they get in. Mice can easily squeeze under an unprotected door, and squirrels can easily fit in an open dryer vent pipe. Skunks are known to create burrows under concrete foundations and tear out sections from porches to make a home. You may also find an opossum living under there as well.

Once our experts protect your home from future invasions, we work on the items that attract nuisance animals. We’ll make sure tree branches are cut back far enough from the roof, garbage areas are secure and inaccessible, and food and water sources are eliminated. We also recommend that bird feeders are monitored and pet food is kept inside.

We are the Sullivan area’s top-rated wildlife removal and exclusion service, and we work hard to keep that position. We take it seriously to keep potentially hazardous nuisance wildlife out of your home. Contact us today for an estimate and know you are getting the protection you need.

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