Bird Removal & Exclusion

Although plenty of clubs are centered around tracking and viewing beautiful bird species, the animals become much less charming when they start trying to break their way into your home or business. They are loud and unsightly, but they also pose a health risk.

Sullivan’s most common nuisance birds are pigeons, European starlings, and sparrows. These birds grow in large, noisy flocks that deface communities with their droppings. That same excrement can cause the buildings themselves to deteriorate, as it releases acid and corrodes the outer material. They’ll also attack crops and other plants, tearing up your garden or landscaping.

Woodpeckers have also posed a problem for many Missouri families and companies. Seven different woodpecker species have been recorded in the state, each hammers on wood and metal, trying to chisel out holes for nests. Though trees would typically be the birds’ preferred pecking place, they’ve also gone after houses, fence posts, and even utility poles.

United States Law protects native birds. Although there are allowances for shooting species of pigeons and starlings, there are very strict rules pertaining to discharging a firearm within Missouri city limits, which can rule out that option. Dealing with them isn’t as simple as just shooing them away, and unfortunately, property owners cannot get rid of them in the ways they’d like. Plus, getting rid of one bird won’t keep others from coming by. That’s why exclusion is essential.

Keeping birds away for good requires a full inspection of your property by a licensed wildlife technician. Our professionals will take steps to bolster your home or business’ defense against pesky creatures. That will include screens to cover up vents and roof openings where birds could otherwise have snuck in.

Exclusion should also include cleanup and sanitizing. The feathers and excrement the animals leave behind put people at risk of exposure to bacteria, and over 60 different diseases, some of which can be fatal. Birds can also carry bed bugs, mites, and mealworms with them. Since the materials they leave behind are dangerous to be around, it’s essential to contract with a licensed professional who will know how to get your property correctly cleaned up so you and your family can rest easy.

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we’ll sniff out any problem hounding you and dig out a solution. We aren’t just after short-term answers; we deal in permanent resolutions to the issue, including taking steps to ensure you’re protected moving forward. We are a locally-owned company dedicated to our clients’ happiness. Contact us today for all your wildlife removal needs.

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