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Dead Animal Removal

Animals, both wild and domestic, play a part in our lives. Our beloved pets add to our lives in many ways, and seeing an animal in its natural setting can be a beautiful experience. Sadly, animals may find their way onto your property and die. Regardless of how it got there, the responsibility for removing it falls on you. The local municipality takes responsibility for removing carcasses on public roads, streets, and places. When coming across a dead animal on your property, contact Advanced Wildlife Control.

Often, our first instinct is to make sure it is dead. Getting close to it is not something we recommend. For animals to leave their habitat to die, they are more than likely experiencing disorientation caused by illness.

This is a key sign of rabies, and it is found in raccoons, bats, skunks, and more. Should you try and move an animal that has perished from rabies, you risk exposing yourself. As the body decomposes, bacteria and zoonotic diseases are released through bodily fluids and can become airborne. The rabies virus can remain active for hours outside the body and even longer in a carcass. Another serious illness you can contract by handling a dead animal is tularemia. After contact, the disease can enter our bodies by touching the eyes. Even the soil around the carcass is dangerous. When the ground is disturbed, the bacteria may become airborne and can be inhaled.

In addition, these animals can be carriers of ticks, mites, and fleas, and they carry their known pathogens. They can live on a dead host until the food runs out and then turn their attention to you.

Unfortunately, the outdoors are not the only place dead animals are found, and if it happens in your home, it can be very unpleasant.

Rats and mice often meet their demise inside our walls. There are some telltale signs, such as a rancid odor, sudden stains on the drywall or ceiling, and an unexpected amount of flies in a particular spot. You may also find your dog is attracted to one area in particular. Some of the typical places we also find dead animals are crawlspaces, attics, car engines, barns, garages, and sheds.

When it comes to our beloved pets dealing with their passing is very hard. They must be buried within 48 hours of death and under 2 feet of earth. If you want to keep your loved one close by, there are laws in Missouri that regulate this.

Dealing with a dead animal is not something you should take lightly and is best left to the experts. At Advanced Wildlife Control, we can take care of this unpleasant task for you and rid your home of most nuisance wildlife. Contact us today for an estimate.

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