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Nature is a beautiful thing. It sparks joy and wonder, fulfills a sense of completion, and should altogether be treasured. However, things become strained when the lines between wildlife and human development get blurred. Common nuisance animals in the Central U.S. include raccoons, opossums, squirrels, skunks, bats, and more. The common things that draw them in stay the same: they’re after food, water, and shelter. The damage they do varies, but none of it is good news.

Raccoons are one of the homeowners’ most common foes. They’re highly adaptable, hiding in the attic and walls and building nests for their young. You might notice torn soffits, chewed-up fascia boards, torn shingles, and broken vents. Opossums do much the same work and also go for your insulation if they find themselves stuck in a wall and need to escape.

Striped skunks are the most common in the Sullivan area, and they’ll often burrow under buildings in search of grubs to feast on. Skunks are known to set up shop under people’s patios and porches. They won’t just tear up your garden; they also destroy the wooden beams supporting the decks and patios. Unfortunately, the unseen damage can become a hazard. If you’ve had a skunk infestation, you’ll almost certainly need repair work.

Bats are much the same way. There are 14 bat species in Missouri; it is bad news if they make it into your property. Besides the damage they do as they travel in and out, the harm they do while resting causes a major headache. Bat guano and urine accumulate and wear through sheetrock and particle boards, which can collapse if they are not replaced.

The damage isn’t just unsightly. In severe cases, it risks the entire structural integrity of the building. If you’re lucky, it’ll only affect your utility bill. That’s why it’s essential to have a pest control technician inspect the property thoroughly for damages, so they can get to work on repairs immediately. Those might include replacing insulation, repairing damaged wooden boards, revamping vents, and more.

Another major problem is the fire risk these creatures create. Squirrels, for instance, are notorious chewers. Like other rodents, their incisors grow nonstop, and they gnaw on whatever they can find to provide some relief. They also use the insulation for nesting, leaving loose electrical cables that spark fires that cost U.S. homeowners billions annually. If you’ve had a squirrel, mouse, or rat problem, it’s vital to have an experienced and licensed professional inspect the wires in your home and repair them immediately.

Wild animals harbor diseases, like plague, salmonella, and rabies, that can spread through the droppings they leave behind. Repairing an area where wildlife has invaded carries the risk of exposure. Certified technicians have the tools and training necessary to avoid infection, make the repairs, and sanitize the area. Another thing to be aware of are laws and regulations at local, county, state, and even federal levels that affect how you can handle those repairs.

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