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About Augusta, Missouri

With fantastic scenery and fertile land, it’s no wonder the area around Augusta, Missouri, was so quick to draw in settlers. The French ruled the territory in the 1740s, then the Spanish, then back to the French before becoming part of the United States in the 19th century. A German lawyer published a travel report about the area in 1829, drawing in German immigrants who set up by the river to farm. Today, Augustans still capitalize on that prosperous agricultural sweet spot.

The town was incorporated in 1855, but Augusta lost its boat landing when the Missouri River cut a new channel. Soon after, businesses started moving up the hill rather than building directly by the river. With proximity to larger areas like St. Louis and St. Charles, the city itself has remained quite small, with a population of just 300. The population still celebrates its roots, with eight different homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Augusta History Museum shows off antiques, books, furniture, and other preserved items, teaching the city’s story through visual demonstrations and displays rather than just lectures.

Augusta has a hidden secret; while California, Washington, and Oregon may be first-to-mind when you picture regions famous for their vineyards, you should add the hills overlooking the Missouri River Valley to that list. Augusta produced fantastic wine grapes through the mid-1800s and even claimed to be America’s first wine region. Some cellars dating back over 160 years are still available for tours. Interest in that craft has taken off in a big way since the late 1960s. The town’s tourism-based businesses are booming. Bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and wineries are taking off in Augusta, offering not just delicious food and adult beverages but also gorgeous views of the nearby mountains, rivers, and bluffs. You can go on a self-guided tour of the nation’s first American Viticultural Area in Augusta, or set up a small private tour through Missouri Rhineland Tours.

Taking advantage of the tourism, many unique shops and eateries are set up in the heart of town. Gallery Augusta offers American-made décor and gifts. Stoneledge Antiques has furniture and accessories ranging from rustic to elegant. The Augusta Glass Studio has been offering hand-blown glass for over four decades. Within the visitor center, you’ll find Augusta Gifts, a shop with offerings to remind you of your time in the town.

The 240-mile Katy Trail runs right through Augusta. The trail started as a railroad and has been converted into the nation’s longest recreational trail, used by hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Twenty-six different trailheads and four restored railroad depots branch from the trail, and one section is officially designated as part of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail.

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we honor the beautiful land in eastern Missouri that’s our home. We respect the creatures that live in it, even though we maintain an understanding that wildlife should remain wild. If an animal tries to bridge the gap between nature and civilization, causing a problem for your home or business, give us a call for an estimate.

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